About Buhler First Aid Services

Thunder Bay First Aid Red Cross Training
Marge Buhler-Moore, Owner – Buhler-Moore First Aid Services

About the owner

Marge Buhler has dedicated her career to the medical field and helping others.  She has worked in both chronic care facilities as well as acute care, surgical daycare, cancer clinic and pathology.  She volunteered as a First Response Coordinator/Trainer to a team of volunteer fire fighters and first responders in the Thunder Bay Rural; and, prior to its sunsetting, Marge was the Thunder Bay Branch Canadian Red Cross First Aid Coordinator, managing the first aid and leadership programs, while also training and mentoring the instructors.

ICBOC Training Accreditation Certificate Logo Stamp
Marge Buhler-Moore, ICBOC Training Accredited 

Marge is a certified Instructor Trainer up to Emergency Medical Responder level and as well is a certified Red Cross Instructor for Psychological First Aid Training. She has worked with Thunder Bay Fire Department providing both Emergency Medical Response and Instructor training; in addition to Thunder Bay Police Services First Aid leadership training.

Now the founder of Buhler-Moore First Aid Services, Marge and her staff of instructors are dedicated to providing both public and private training courses, ranging from first aid and CPR/AED training, to leadership and advanced first aid courses.  All Buhler-Moore First Aid Services are highly trained medical staff and Red Cross certified instructors.

Marge looks forward to providing everyone with the training they require to stay safe and help someone in need in the event of an emergency.

The training delivered by this provider is accredited by the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada.